Feds Bust Suspected Ecstasy Ring Associated with Thizz Entertainment


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Not for nothing did local hip-hop label Thizz Entertainment name itself for a movement associated with a popular designer drug — one that was gaining wide currency in the mid-2000s, as it shifted from the rave scene to hip-hop. Evidently, Thizz was also merchandising itself in ways that didn't involve turntables and a microphone. Last Thursday 25 people were as part of an effort to break up a nation-wide drug-trafficking ring, the Contra Costa Times reports.

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Many arrestees were rappers associated with the label, some accused of shilling narcotics at drug distribution centers in the Crestside neighborhood of Vallejo, California, which is often name-checked in Bay Area hip-hop songs. (Mac Dre, B-Legit, E-40, Celly Cell, Mac Mall, and Turf Talk all hail from Crestside, and it was featured prominently in the documentary Hood 2 Hood).All told, the feds seized 45,000 Ecstasy pills, 4 pounds of crack cocaine, a half pound of heroin, $200,000 in paper returns, and 230 acres of property, worth about $1 million, Coco Times reports. For a little background on Thizz, read our 2006 cover story about the burgeoning subculture and its many detractors.