Fallout from Oakland Cop Killings



In the first bit of fallout from the slayings of four Oakland cops, the head of the police department's SWAT team has requested reassignment, according to the Chron and the Trib. Captain Ed Tracey made the request after his SWAT team members told him they no longer had confidence in his leadership. The team members are upset because on the day of the fatal shootings, Tracey chose to remain at Highland Hospital and comfort the families of the first two slain officers rather than go to East Oakland and lead the hunt for suspect Lovelle Mixon. Mixon then shot and killed two SWAT team members during a raid. It's unclear whether the SWAT members blame Tracey for the ill-advised raid, or for not leading it.

Either way, Tracey's decision to remain at Highland was understandable, because the first two officers killed also served under his command. Then again, if he had gone to East Oakland, it's possible that the raid would have never happened, thereby saving the lives of two cops. On a final note, the Chron story is worth reading beacuse it also reveals new details about the killings and corrects some earlier misinformation.