Ezale and DJ Fresh brings back the Eighties in 'The Tonite Show with Ezale'


Oakland rapper and local favorite Ezale has graced us with his first release since Drug Funnie, his 2013 debut mixtape.

The happy-go-lucky rapper joined the ranks of E-40 and Freddie Gibbs in the most recent installment of The Tonite Show with DJ Fresh, an Oakland producer with a long-standing reputation in the Bay Area hip-hop scene. Previously, Ezale gained clout with his breakout single, "Too High."
Ezale's latest album maintains much of the same excited, childlike energy present in his other work. "Day Ones," a previously released single, is an anthem for doing nothing — and sometimes everything — with your best homies.

"We Out Here," another standout track, has all of the bouncy energy of a live dance circle at a good party. Although a long-awaited release, The Tonite Show with Ezale proves worth the wait with its funky, fun feel-good vibes.