Express Predictions — Not Bad (16-4)


The Express went 16-4 in its predictions of yesterday's elections, though several of the races were never really in doubt. First the winners (if the results hold up):

1. Loni Hancock for state Senate District 9 (56.5%).

2. Nancy Skinner, state Assembly District 14 (46.8%).

3. Joan Buchanan, Assembly District 15 (66.6%).

4. Mary Hayashi, Assembly District 18 (83.9%).

5. Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Council At-Large (runoff) (39.3%).

6. Kerry Hamill, Oakland City Council At-Large (runoff) (21.7%).

7. Jane Brunner, Oakland City Council District 1 (72.6%).

8. Ignacio De La Fuente, Oakland City Council District 5 (53.8%).

9. Larry Reid, Oakland City Council District 7 (62.8%).

10. Jody London, Oakland school board District 1 (55.8%).

11. Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Oakland school board District 3 (52.1%).

12. Conchita Tucker, Alameda County Board of Education District 2 (57.7%).

13. Measure F, Alameda County utility tax (64.9%).

14. Measure J, Oakland phone tax (79.1%).

15. Proposition 98 — lost (39%).

16. Proposition 99 — won (62.5%).

As for our losing picks:

1. Oakland City Council District 3 -- we predicted that incumbent Nancy Nadel would have to face a runoff in November, but it looks like she got just enough votes to win it outright (51.7%).

2. Oakland school board District 7 — we predicted that incumbent Alice Spearman would win it outright, but it looks like she'll have to face a runoff against Doris Limbrick (49.5% to 32.5%).

3. Alameda County Board of Education District 3 — we predicted John Bernard would win, but Ken Berrick defeated him (45.3% to 33.2%).

4. Measure H, Alameda schools parcel tax — we predicted it would win, but it looks like it will fall just short of the needed two-thirds vote (65.8%).

As for our endorsements, we didn't do quite as well (12-8).

Author's note: Due to erroneous information provided by the county Registrar of Voters, an earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that there would be a runoff in the Alameda County Board of Education District 3 race. According to registrar spokesman Guy Ashley, Ken Berrick is the winner of that race, and under county rules, there will be no runoff, even though Berrick finished with less than 50 percent of the vote.