Ex-Oaklander Publishes Books on Awkwardness, Bees, and Gender Variance



A book by an Oakland author (writing as a parent and a psychologist) about kids whose biological gender doesn't represent who they feel they really are, and another book by another Oakland author about how to choose foods that aren't tainted with infectious bacteria, deadly molds, or body-altering hormones:

Diane Ehrensaft's Gender Born, Gender Made and Heli Perrett's The Safe Food Handbook are two volumes set to be released next year by The Experiment, a New York City-based independent publisher helmed by former Oakland resident Matthew Lore, who announced yesterday that his company has entered into a new sales-and-distribution agreement with Workman Publishing Company.

This means that Workman will channel The Experiment's books to the wider world, beginning next February.

"My colleagues and I are very excited to be working with Workman," said Lore, who was a vice president at Perseus Books before starting his own company last year. "For as long as I've been in the business, I've seen Workman's books everywhere. Workman's expertise, energy, and vast reach into so many areas of the retail marketplace made this a great opportunity for The Experiment's titles to reach the widest possible readership."


The Experiment's 2011 catalog includes books on beekeeping, parenting, vegan and vegetarian cooking, the North and South poles, artisanal gluten-free cupcakes, and awkward situations.