Everything You Need to Know About the Warriors' Championship Parade on Tuesday (Including a New Route)

This year's event will solely be an interactive parade.


More than 1 million fans are expected at this year's parade.
  • More than 1 million fans are expected at this year's parade.

The Warriors will celebrate its NBA championship win over the Cleveland Cavaliers last night — its third title in four years — with a parade on Tuesday, June 12, beginning at 11 a.m.

The parade will begin on Broadway at 11th Street, turning right on 20th Street, turning right on Harrison to 19th Street, and right on Lakeside Drive, ending on Oak and 13th Street.

Here's a map of the route:


According to a press release by the city of Oakland, the Warriors have implemented a few changes to the parade route and overall presentation "in an effort to provide a more intimate, free-flowing and engaging celebratory event." Instead of a post-event rally, the Warriors and the City of Oakland are focusing solely on an interactive parade. "Fans will have the opportunity to share in the up-close excitement of the 2018 NBA Championship with the Warriors, their players, coaches, legends, and staff."

Fans can begin to line up for the parade on Tuesday as early as 6:30 a.m.

Here are the details:

Getting There
Over 1 million spectators are expected for the victory celebration in downtown Oakland, so expect large crowds, traffic, and delays starting very early Tuesday morning and lasting throughout the day. In addition to the crowds, no-parking zones and street closures will make driving in downtown Oakland very difficult. Be on the look-out for posted no-parking signs in the downtown area beginning on Sunday, June 10th through Tuesday, June 12th.

· Public transit will be the easiest way to reach the Parade. BART and AC Transit are gearing up to accommodate large crowds. Please be patient as transit will be slowed by traffic congestion and heavy pedestrian traffic.

· BART will run rush-hour service all day using every available train possible at maximum length to help people get to where they need to be. Service may be adjusted before and during the parade. This includes directing foot traffic to another station nearby, changing platforms as needed, and skipping stations with crowded platforms. Please listen to station staff and service announcements. Check www.bart.gov for updates.

· AC Transit buses will be rerouted around downtown Oakland for most of the day due to street closures in the parade area. As road closures begin to affect bus service, AC Transit ambassadors will be deployed throughout downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt to help guide residents and visitors to appropriate bus stop locations. Additionally, AC Transit ambassadors will be distributing flyers with critical information regarding temporary reroutes and the affected bus lines.

· Lines 1, 6, 12, 14, 18, 19, 20, 29, 33, 40, 51A, 62, 72, 72M, 72R, 88, 96, NL, Broadway Shuttle and All Nighter lines 800, 801 and 840 will be detoured. Detours of these bus lines will occur in two phases and begin the day before the parade. Please visit www.actransit.org to learn more about reroutes and additional service information.

· Parking in the areas surrounding the parade will be significantly limited and public transit is highly encouraged.

What to Bring
Sunscreen, hats, water, and your blue and gold!
Signs and banners are permitted under the following guidelines:
They do not obstruct sightlines at the parade
Dimensions do not exceed 18” x 18”
No obscene or inflammatory language

What Not to Bring
· Drones: No carrying into the perimeter or flying over the parade
· Hard-sided containers of any size, including coolers and thermoses
· Glass containers or cans
· Lawn furniture or folding chairs
· Alcoholic beverages
· Illegal drugs
· Weapons of any kind
· Any size pole, stick, broom or other item that is or can be used as a weapon
· Sharp items of any kind
· Large umbrellas or pop-up tents
· Laser pointers
· Scooters and bicycles
· Fireworks

No boats or watercraft will be allowed on Lake Merritt or the Estuary Channel on Tuesday.

Warriors Store
Official Warriors merchandising locations can be found at 14th & Broadway and 20th & Harrison. Each location will be open between 8 am and 2 pm.

Stay Safe/Be Aware
The Oakland Police Department asks for your help keeping the celebration safe by reporting any suspicious activity. Let OPD know if you see any of these kinds of activities or behaviors:

· Celebratory gunfire
· Illegal fireworks
· Abandoned backpack or box
· Public drunkenness
· Erratic driving
· Vandalism
· Any criminal activity

First Aid
Attendees in need of medical attention should contact the nearest uniformed personnel or visit one of three first aid stations along the parade route.
· 14th & Broadway
· 20th & Telegraph
· 17th & Harrison

Lost Children/Meeting Points
If you get separated from your children or friends, please ask uniformed personnel for the location of the nearest reunification point:

· 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (next to City Hall) —
1st Floor Lobby, Security Desk
· Oakland Public Library (Main), 125 14th St — Oak St. entrance, Children’s Room

Street Closures
For a map of the parade route and street closures, visit www.warriors.com/parade.

Monday, June 11 at 12PM - Tuesday, June 12 at 7PM
11th between Broadway and MLK

Monday, June 11 at 6PM - Tuesday, June 12 at 7PM
10th between Oak and 2nd
10th between Broadway and MLK
11th between Franklin and Broadway
Jefferson and Clay between 10th and 12th

Monday, June 11 at 10PM - Tuesday, June 12 at 7PM
9th between Broadway and Washington
Washington between 9th and 10th

Tuesday, June 12 at 3AM - 7PM
Broadway from 11th to 14th

Tuesday, June 12 at 6:30AM - 7PM
Entire Parade Route
Lake Merritt Blvd/Bridge between E. 12th/International and Oak
Broadway from 9th to 21st (14th to remain open to cross traffic until 9AM)
10th between Madison and 2nd
11th Street Tunnel
12th between Clay and Franklin
13th between Broadway and Franklin
14th between Clay and Franklin
15th between Broadway and Franklin
Telegraph between 16th and Broadway
17th between Telegraph and Franklin
19th between Telegraph and Franklin
Thomas Berkley Way/20th between Telegraph and Harrison
Webster between 19th and 21st
Franklin between 19th and 21st
Harrison between 17th and 21st
Alice from 17th to 19th
Jackson from 17th to Lakeside
Madison from 17th to Lakeside
17th between Madison and Lakeside
14th from Madison to Oak
13th from Madison to Fallon
12th from Madison to Lake Merritt Blvd
11th from Madison to Oak
9th from Oak to Fallon
Fallon between 9th and 10th
Oak between 9th and 13th