End of the Line for the MySpace Car Chase Case



23-year-old Laura Medina was sentenced to eleven years in prison today for her role in the death of eighteen-year-old Michelle Dickerson, the new girlfriend of Medina's ex-boyfriend, the Chron reports. Medina had spotted the two of them in the same car and chased them in her Buick Park Avenue, ramming their vehicle several times before it eventually spun into some parked cars. Dickerson died of head trauma. Medina pled no contest to voluntary manslaughter, but her mother Laura Rangel, took the unusual tack of turning her daughter's MySpace page into a rallying site for supporters arguing that Medina was innocent and that Amilcar Ford, the district attorney assigned to the case, was in it to "make a name for himself" and that he is "not interested in Justice, he just wants to win." Rangel also used it to post police reports, transcripts, and other legal documents. Despite protests from Ford that the postings could influence witnesses, the site was allowed to stand. As of this morning, there's been no update reacting to Medina's sentencing.