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The rapper's new single, "Soul Food," is a call for justice.


The title of Oakland rapper Elujay’s new single, “Soul Food,” featuring rising Chicago vocalist Saba, doesn’t just refer to the retro-sounding samples at the core of his production. Like the Southern cuisine from which it gets its name, “Soul Food” is a feel-good track with a warm, earthy palette — one that could be a source of comfort in the face of adversity. On the surface, “Soul Food” is about having a good time, but Elujay positions enjoying life and thriving as a way to resist white supremacy and police brutality. Though it broaches sober topics and current events, “Soul Food” is ultimately uplifting and imparts the message that a better, more equitable reality is within reach. Elujay performs at The Legionnaire in Oakland this Thursday, along with Armani, Just Kristofer, Alma Rose, Donnie Parker, Cartier King, and DJs Red Corvette and Jack. He’s been known to bring a live band with him to the stage, fleshing out his vintage, jazzy production with analog instrumentation that makes his live show even more dynamic.

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