Election 2006 -- OakPAC Chair: Campaign Will Be "Positive"



Contrary to popular conspiracy theorizing, OakPAC chair Michael Colbruno says the Chamber of Commerce's political action committee won't be attacking Oakland City Council candidate Aimee Allison in her race against biz-backed incumbent Pat Kernighan. "I'm not going to condone any negative campaign," says Colbruno, a lobbyist for Clear Channel Outdoor. "We're doing all positive stuff."

One positive attribute OakPAC will stress about Kernighan: That she's the only member of the Democratic Party in the race. That's a major advantage in a city dominated by Democrats. Allison is a Green Party member, a fact that has prevented her from getting support from local Democratic organizations and popular Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

A federal judge recently ordered the temporary suspension of Oakland's campaign spending restrictions, meaning OakPAC and its allies have at least $116,000 they can spend in Oakland city races. An OakPAC spokesman told the Chronicle that the group "may spend $58,000 before the election on mailers supporting a slate that includes incumbent District 2 Councilwoman Pat Kernighan."

Campaign sources say a poll done last month by shows Allison slightly ahead of Kernighan. Colbruno says OakPAC didn't pay for the poll.