Egyptian Students Use Facebook to Organize a Protest at Cal



Who says the revolution will not be tweeted? Egyptian graduate students Salma Mousallem and Tarek Hosny used Facebook to organize their own rally at UC Berkeley today, just hours after supporters of President Hosni Mubarak assaulted pro-democracy protestors on the other side of the globe. Mousallem and Hosny say they've been struggling all week to keep abreast of family and friends at home, in spite of internet blockades and political chaos. Only recently did Egyptian family members get their internet restored, the Cal students told SFist reporter Lisa Hix. In the meantime, Egyptian protestors have contended with police brutality and sporadic attacks from pro-Mubarak forces.

In a Facebook e mail sent yesterday, Mousallem confessed that she has no media contacts in Berkeley. Nonetheless, she asked friends to forward the event post widely. "We can get pictures ,voice notes, anything, but we NEED media attention!" Mousallem pleaded. "Let's utilize our networks, and see what we can do!" Evidently, it worked.