Edgerly's Daughter Says No Thanks to Police Academy



Erin Breckenridge, the daughter of ex-City Administrator Deborah Edgerly, is not interested in returning to the Oakland Police Academy for a fourth try because she is battling a "life-threatening" disease, her mother said in an interview with 92510. "All she ever wanted to do is be a police officer, and that's probably not going to happen because of the cancer,' Edgerly said. The former city administrator, who was fired last year by Mayor Ron Dellums, also said that Breckenridge didn't request to repeat the academy one more time. "She never asked for an accommodation to get back into the academy because she can't get medical clearance," Edgerly said.

Edgerly also had objections to the hiring practices audit report released yesterday by City Auditor Courtney Ruby, in terms of its references to her daughter. Edgerly maintained that Breckenridge never had problems with the academic portion of the academy, despite the claim to the contrary in the report. However, Edgerly admitted that Breckenridge did have difficulties with physical training exercises. Edgerly also acknowledged that the academy staff cited Breckenridge for not properly performing "manipulative tactics." She said Breckenridge was told she didn't properly perform a search on a suspect, although Edgerly said she personally disagreed with that conclusion.

Breckenridge was diagnosed with cancer during her third try at the academy, and the ailment forced her to drop out, Edgerly said. Breckenridge was subsequently hired by the city to work in the police department's recruitment division, but then was later laid off. Breckenridge then asked city officials for a "medical accommodation" so that she could stay in her job and keep her health-care coverage, but her superiors refused, Edgerly said.