Edgerlygate: What, We're Not Done Yet?



That's right, the Deborah Edgerly affair is still firing on four cylinders, as City Council President Ignacio De la Fuente announced he was pushing for a new "anti-nepotism" law that bars city department heads from hiring any blood or marriage relative, even if they don't work directly under him or her. In addition, he wants to audit city's hiring practices during the time Edgerly worked as city administrator. Meanwhile, says the Trib, Mayor Ron Dellums held his own press conference defending his reaction to the Edgerly scandal. He called accusations that he dithered over what to do with Edgerly "absurd," adding, "I will repeat for the purposes of emphasis and to the point of redundancy: For several months, we anticipated change." And here we thought Jerry Brown was the only mayor with a taste for the purple prose.