Edgerlygate: Second in Command Fired, Given Fat Check


The fun never ends when it comes to Deborah Edgerly. Acting City Administrator Dan Lindheim has brought the axe down on Edgerly's close friend, Assistant City Administrator Cheryl Thompson, in an apparent effort to clean out the deadwood in City Hall. But according to the Trib, Edgerly saw this coming and used her last days in office to give Thompson a severance package that consisted of five months' salary, plus a car allowance. (A car allowance? Oakland taxpayers are now supposed to subsidize her trips to the drug store?) Edgerly claimed that this was in accordance with a "verbal agreement" made with Thompson in 2004, but City Attorney John Russo hinted that the city might not consider this a binding agreement. Everyone's waiting for a round of lawsuits from Edgerly and Thompson, guaranteeing that this stain on Oakland's reputation hasn't stopped spreading. Chris Thompson