Edgerlygate: Like Mother, Like Son



Chip Johnson sinks his fangs into Deborah Edgerly with a column suggesting her children were given summer jobs by the city, didn't show up for the last month, but were paid thousands of dollars anyway. In addition, when Controller LaRae Brown noticed and complained in 2005, Finance Director William Noland tried to give her $1,775 in cash. Noland told Johnson the money was to reimburse the city for time the children didn't work, but does anyone else smell hush money? And let's say it's true; since when does a finance director handle the city's business in cash, which he hands to the controller? Are we living in some autistic child's nightmare here? For the record, Edgerly denies Brown's claims and says that Brown, who was fired shortly after writing her report, is just angling for a payoff in a whistleblower lawsuit.