Edgerlygate: City's Attorney and Auditor Propose Reforms


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Again according to the Biz Times, Oakland City Attorney John Russo and City Auditor Courtney Ruby plan to announce a fat civil service reform package at a press conference today. The proposed reforms, which come on the heels of You Know What, will consist of whistleblower protections, anti-nepotism laws, better record keeping, an employee ethics program, and improving flawed personnel department procedures. When the city's lawyer and beancounter have to step before the public and announce that such basic notions may finally be implemented in Oakland, it takes your breath away. Exactly what rules has Oakland been operating under all these years? Did Boss Tweed write our civil service regs? Come to think of it, does the Magna Carta apply in Oakland city limits, or will Oakland leaders hold a press conference to announce its suzerainty as well?