EdgerlyGate: Chip Johnson Demands Council Make Dellums Irrelevant



The Chron's Chip Johnson fairly sputters over the Edgerly affair this morning, stopping just short of calling for Ron Dellums's resignation. First, Johnson focuses on a 2004 incident, in which the most qualified candidate for Oakland's equal employment opportunity office was passed over in favor of a friend of Assistant City Manager Cheryl Thompson; the candidate's, um, candidacy was abruptly terminated after Thompson learned that he had fought with his black boss at a previous job. In short, Johnson claims that City Hall is infected with a crippling culture of nepotism and racial patronage, and that Dellums doesn't have the stones to root it out. He begs the City Council to choose someone among their number (*cough* Nacho *cough*) to take the lead cleaning up city government, and urges Dellums to essentially remove himself from the day-to-day operation of City Hall. "How long will you defer to a do-nothing mayor while residents suffer from governmental negligence?" he asks the council.