East Bay Restaurants Pledge to Use Only Sustainable Seafood



The Lark Creek Restaurant Group, whose ten members include Lark Creek Walnut Creek and Yankee Pier in Lafayette, is going sea-green: pledging as of today, in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, to source only sustainable seafood.

It's the nation's largest restaurant group to adopt these standards. Based on what is endangered and what is dangerous to eat, the Seafood Watch guidelines divide seafoods into three categories: "Best Choices," "Good Alternatives," and "Avoid." Lark Creek Restaurant Group uses only items in the first two categories with menu items such as Steamed Manila Clams with Sweet Cherry Peppers, Paprika Broth, and Pork Belly at Yankee Pier and Seared Steelhead with Artichoke and Spring Onion Ragout at Lark Creek Walnut Creek. It uses no items on the "Avoid" list, which includes shark, sea turtle, and skate, among many others. Pocket-sized handouts explaining the guidelines are available at each restaurant. In addition, Yankee Pier offers the "Fish School," a coloring page for kids that includes a quiz incorporating facts about seafood and sustainability.