East Bay Man Missing


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A local man has gone missing, and his family has sent out an urgent plea in hopes of locating him.

"Please help us find Brian Erb, Back Forty Family Member. Missing since last Wednesday. Brian is the son of Back 40 Texas BBQ in Pleasant Hill owner Jeff Erb. Brian hasn’t been in contact with his family since he got into a verbal argument with his wife last week," reads an email that arrived this afternoon.

"Brian Erb drives a dark-blue, four-door longbed Ford F-350 truck CA Linc. # 7P94909.

"Anyone with information about Brian Erb's whereabouts can contact Concord investigators at 925-671-3030 or the police tip line at 925-603-5836."

Jeff Erb goes into further detail:

"Brian is missing and was last seen Wednesday morning 11/10/10. He is 33 years old and the father of two beautiful girls (my grandchildren). ...

Brian Erb
  • Brian Erb

"The thing about this is that he has completely fallen of the grid so to speak. There is no activity on his credit cards or on his bank accounts. We have checked with ALL his friends and even acquaintances and have checked all of the places we can think of that he might have gone.

"In addition to law enforcement and private investigators, I have worked on this every day since Friday and it is all I can think about. Brian is now considered a Missing Person as of Friday, November 12, 2010.

"All this is very strange because Brian is such a social person.

"He loves to be around people and having him disappear without a trace or trail to follow is really out of character for him. I understand if he wanted to get away and needed some time to 'clear his mind,', BUT us not knowing if he is hurt or even alive is killing us. His mother and I (and all of our family) are worried sick not knowing if he is OK. ...

"Perhaps someone who has seen or heard from him will reach out to us or share information regarding his whereabouts and condition.

"Perhaps a friend that thinks they are being helpful by helping Brian stay hidden ... will read this and realize how much this is hurting the rest of his family. If they or Brian realized the pain and chaos happening by Brian’s disappearance, perhaps Brian or the person helping Brian will let us know that he is alright. We do not need to know where he is, if he does not want to be located. We just want to know that he is OK. I have been through a lot of things in my life but this is definitely the toughest thing I have endured."