Drowning in Dislikes, Jean Quan to Disable Her Facebook Page

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Well, this was probably bound to happen: Now the target of not one but two recall campaigns — one led by progressives angry over her refusal to reappoint port commissioner Margaret Gordon, the other led by moderates who are in a huff over public safety issues — and after sustaining weeks and weeks and weeks of unmitigated internet vitriol, Jean Quan has decided to kill her Facebook page. "Mayor Quan will be disabling this facebook fan page," twoth her account about an hour ago, and honestly, we're surprised it took this long.

and boys!
  • and boys!

Since her much-maligned decision to raid and dismantle Occupy Oakland (uh, the first time, that is), the Mayor's page has been positively drowning in haterade — so much so, in fact, that the proven social media guru decided to disable wall posts. But the sadistic hivemind irate people of the internet obviously found a workaround, and simply began posting comments on her photos and wall posts. Here's a random sample, posted as comments on something Quan wrote about the anniversary of the 1991 firestorm:


So yeah, it's understandable why she wouldn't want to subject herself to that anymore. (There's clearly a "Wrath of Quan" joke here just waiting to be made.) Not surprisingly, the decision — posted on Facebook and Twitter, with accompanying links to the mayor's official contact info, via OaklandNet.com — generated about 90 comments in the course of an hour, most of them angry. Some compared Quan to GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, while others expressed support for Quan's political rivals, including college professor and former mayoral candidate Joe Tuman. Some proposed plans to "Occupy" the mayor's page once it's gone. Some showed sympathy: "Hang in there, Jean!!!!" said Lynn Roosevelt Williams. And some, like Keith Richard Salminen, issued last-minute pleas for pet causes. "Don't forget: KEEP THE A's IN OAKLAND!" he wrote.