Drake's Dealership

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If you’ve heard anything at all about Drake’s Dealership, it almost certainly had to do with the brewpub’s open-air patio, which is massive and lovely and hits all the classic notes: low-slung Adirondack chairs, fire pits, and lights strung up over the magnolia trees. On its face, Drake’s follows the basic brewpub menu template: There’s wood-fired pizza, a burger, and an assortment of bar-snack-y appetizers. But for a super-sized, 350-seat beer garden, the food is better than it needs to be. Highlights include the oblong New Haven-style pizzas, the poutine, and the many items on the menu that incorporate some element of duck (a nod to the waterfowl in the logo). Perhaps more importantly, Drake’s makes very good beer, and the nice thing about drinking at the Dealership is that it offers a host of seasonal, limited-edition taps.

Luke Tsai

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