Drake Was Here — and Can Teleport, Apparently



Over the weekend, hip-hop behemoth Drake took the Bay Area by storm, landing, according to the Internet, pretty much everywhere. On Saturday night he tweeted: "In the bay area... love it out here." And if Twitter is to be trusted, Drake really does love the Bay — like, literally all of it. Composite internet reports tell of a whirlwind adventure that took the Canadian artist through both San Francisco and Vallejo, as well as a handful of just about the most random East Bay spots you could think of (including Southland Mall, Eastmont, the Oakland Zoo, and Gordo's Taqueria on Solano). Who knows how much of it is true, but according to several sources, it looks like he got some work done.

The whole point of the trip was to shoot a video for Take Care cut "The Motto," which according to multiple reports went down in East Oakland and should be out soon. Soul Culture posted a photo of Drake on set with Mistah FAB, wearing his ridiculous leopard-print North Face jacket. Among other highlights, there's also video of Lil' Wayne skating around SF for the shoot. Look out for "The Motto" video soon.