Don't Call It Boalt Law



The effort to rebrand the UC Berkeley School of Law and drop Boalt from its moniker has been met with its share of derisive hoots among the legal blogosphere. snorts, "Berkeley paid a public relations firm $25,000 to come up with the brilliant new moniker, UC Berkeley School of Law. We wonder why they didn't take ATL readers' (free) advice and call it the White Guys with Asian Girls School of Law." And UCLA law prof Stephen Bainbridge chuckled, "Considering that Berkeley's bar passage rate dipped to just 82% in the July 2007 California bar exam, maybe they ought to devote as much attention to teaching as they are to branding." Watch it, Bainbridge, or our football team will have to give you another thumping. Oh wait, Cal choked in the fourth quarter. Damn you, Stephen Bainbridge!