Don Perata's Farewell Address



Outgoing state Senate President Don Perata has written up a little love note to his fans, thanking them for supporting his time in Sacto. Of course, it's just an excuse to tout his record, which we'll summarize below.

The Don wants you to remember that he helped get the Chabot Observatory built, found $27 million for cancer research, banned assault weapons, beefed up penalties for refinery pollution, increased regulation on HMOs, financed seismic retrofits and transportation infrastructure, regulated check cashing outlets, got the Bay Bridge rebuilt, raised the minimum wage, got a ton of multi-billion-dollar bond packages passed, etc., etc.

Since we've spent so much time ripping on The Don's ruthlessness and (alleged) greed, we'd like to tip our hats to the other side of his personality: a dedication to public service and liberal causes. Whatever the outcome of the FBI's investigation, he's done a lot of good in Sacramento. It's always possible that someone without his acerbic ways and taste for power politics could have done more, but that's one for smarter folks than us. So hail and farewell, on the Sacto side. And now that you're back in Oakland, getting ready to push us around on a much more intimate level, we're looking forward to ripping on you even more.