Don Perata: Worse Than a Meth Lab Staffed By Nonunion Labor



We're always happy to see more people rolling out the big guns and taking aim at Don Perata, the Senate President who's launched a recall campaign against Senator Jeff Denham as punishment for daring to vote against his budget deal. But this letter to the editor of the Modesto Bee has to be the best rant yet. "I'm growing tired of gangs, smog, high taxes, vehicle registration fees, smogging fees, union jobs going to Mexico, stolen cars, foreclosed houses, gas prices, methamphetamine, allergies, health care costs, Barry Bonds, and college tuition hikes, to name a few," writes Ryan Camp. "The thing that really gets me, though, is the recall of Senator Jeff Denham." Got that, Don? Now people like Nuestra Familia more than you.