Does TaxCann 2010 Really Let Me Come To Work High?: Ask Legalization Nation



Come on. You think a savvy businessman would spend millions of his own dollars on a pot bill that's dead on arrival? Tax Cannabis 2010 does not allow you to get high at work, any more than current law allows you to get drunk at work. Don't do it. And while you're at it, close Facebook, too, you lazy bastards.

According to the author of the November ballot measure and noted lawyer Jim Wheaton, Drug War lobbyist John Lovell is dead wrong when he states in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday that:

"Under this initiative, you will be able to come to work high on marijuana, and in fact you might even be able to sell it at work if you have a local permit,"

That's crazy talk. The initiative does not touch employer's rights to demand a drug-free workplace, Wheaton says. Employees who fail urinalysis will still get fired on Nov. 4, whether it's for alcohol, THC, or any other prohibited substance.

“It's not going to require businesses to put up with it in the workplace,” Wheaton clarifies.

Furthermore, convicted felons on probation, or anyone else with government-mandated restrictions against cannabis usage will still be prohibited from the activity post-election.

“There's a huge number of limitations on lawful activity that interfere with their constitutional rights but I'm sorry: they can put 'no drinking' as a condition of probation, prohibit people from entering bars or associating with certain people,” Wheaton explains.

Ditto for Child Protective Services cases where Mom is barred from drugs. “If there is a specific order not to engage in specific activity like cannabis or like drinking alcohol, the court order for protection of the child places limitations to engage in behaviors otherwise deemed constitutional,” he adds.

There's precedent, folks. Lots of it.

As for Lovell's statement: "You will see many California businesses move out of state if they can, because they will face increased costs and insurance from this. It could be devastating, costing the state money instead of bringing money in."

In the words of Russ Jones, “show me the data."

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