Does Chip Johnson Know Something We Don't


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Chip Johnson' column today is awfully odd. He does a little song-and-dance about how Ron Dellums almost tore him a new one at a press conference yesterday, and how relieved he was when the mayor pulled back and offered a little humor instead. Then he proceeds to talk about how, this unfortunate tenure as mayor aside, Dellums is a true lion of a man: "I know that he's done more for this country than I ever will. He's done more to promote equality in America and abroad than I ever will. And if you added up the time, the contributions and the sacrifices he's made to try and improve the lives of people everywhere, you would be hard pressed to find an equal." Finally, Johnson hopes that the Obama administration will give Dellums a job, and he can go out on a high note. Is that what this column is really all about? Does Johnson see the end of Dellums coming, and is he trying to make his exit from Oakland as smooth and easy as possible? We have to admit to being a little torn ourselves: Dellums is an utter failure, and we're not predisposed to make nice with the man. But if we see the back of him, we'll do our best to move on to the next chump who gets this job.