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At Vessel Gallery.


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At the center of Disruptus, there’s a massive tile painting of Pussy Riot — the Russian feminist punk rock protest group — in action, yelling in the street with their fists in the air. Nearby, stands a towering pink cage in the shape of a grenade with an explosion of crows emerging from it. Both the painting and the sculpture are collaborative pieces by Christa Assad and Kevin Wickman, just two artists in the group show at Vessel Gallery (471 25th St., Oakland). The exhibit is about the changing landscape of Oakland, with a specific focus on the notion of disruption as it’s used by both Silicon Valley tech companies in corporate vernacular and the activists attempting to take them down. The name for the show comes from an essay by artist and theorist Dr. Ian Alan Paul, which Vessel has turned into a poster that’s free for viewers to take home, so that the show can keep inspiring outside of the gallery.