Did the FBI Really Find Amber Swartz' Killer?



Law enforcement officials announced yesterday that the late Curtis Dean Anderson, who kidnapped and murdered Xiana Fairchild, also killed 7-year-old Amber Swartz more than twenty years ago. The announcement brought an end to one of the most famous child-abduction cases in the nation. Yet despite the announcement, FBI and police officials found no concrete evidence that Anderson kidnapped and murdered Amber Swartz.

The best they could say was that they found no evidence in the past 18 months to contradict Anderson's jailhouse statement in 2007 that he killed her. Unfortunately, Anderson was a known liar, and unlike the Xiana Fairchild case, the FBI did not discover any of Amber's remains. As a result, Amber's mother, Kim Swartz, told the West County Times yesterday that she and her family felt little sense of closure in the case.