Derwin Longmire Is Looking for a Payday



Disgraced Oakland police Sergeant Derwin Longmire, who botched the Chauncey Bailey murder investigation, is now suing the City of Oakland, apparently in hopes of scoring a nice payday. Longmire makes the incredible claim that police commanders who stood by him for too long had in fact tarnished his reputation. But as outrageous as Longmire’s allegations appear to be, he also likely knows that the city has a history of settling police cases for fear of losing a big judgment at trial.

Longmire came under intense criticism from the police department’s internal affairs division and the state Attorney General’s Office because of his relationship with Your Black Muslim Bakery CEO Yusuf Bey IV. Longmire repeatedly failed to pursue Bey IV as a suspect even though he was the alleged mastermind of the Bailey assassination. Bey IV had bragged that Longmire was protecting him, and he wasn’t charged in the case until prosecutors struck a deal with the shooter DeVaughndre Broussard, a bakery handyman.