Dems Bang Their Heads Against Wall, Again



State Democrats are pushing forward with a budget plan that includes tax increases, even though they realize that their proposal has no chance of passing, according to the Chron. Governor Schwarzenegger says he will veto the Democrats' plan — that is, if the proposal gets enough votes to reach his desk, which is unlikely. State Dems are refusing the demand by the governor and Republicans that the state's $24 billion budget deficit be balanced with spending cuts. The Dems say the cuts proposed by the governor go too far. And they're right, of course. But the only problem is that they have no choice but to make cuts or the state will go bankrupt. Moreover, Dems haven't done all they can to balance the budget.

Most glaringly, they've essentially done nothing to lower public employee salaries, other than go along with some state furlough days, which only deprive the public of state services. The truth is California can't afford to keep paying public workers such high salaries and benefits during a steep recession. And if the social safety net gets shredded as a result, then the Dems, themselves, along with public employee unions, will have to share the blame.