Demoted Cop Put Back in Old Unit



Oakland Deputy Police Chief Jeff Loman, who had been on paid leave because of a sexual harassment complaint, has been demoted two ranks to lieutenant and ordered back to work, according to the Trib and the Chron. Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan has reassigned Loman to run a criminal investigations unit. The move is strange because Loman also got in trouble for his role in the Chauncey Bailey murder case when he oversaw the investigations bureau.

In 2007 and 2008 Loman allowed then homicide Sergeant Derwin Longmire to lead the Bailey investigation even though he knew that Longmire was friends with prime suspect Yusuf Bey IV. Longmire has since been put on leave, while Bey IV has been charged with Bailey's murder. You would think that Jordan could find another job for Loman, considering his misjudgments in the Bailey case. But in the end, it's not surprising considering Jordan's own missteps in that case.