Demo to Bring 1,000 People Today?



Organizers claim that today's BART cop shooting protest will bring about 1,000 people to City Hall. According to the Tribune, Participants are being asked to wear white, presumably to distinguish themselves from the black-clad folks who might be hoping to set things on fire. In addition, participants are expected to gather around District Attorney Tom Orloff's office and conduct a "die-in," in which everyone will lie face down on the ground and chant, "please don't shoot." The organizers, the Coalition Against Police Executions, have the following demands: prosecute the cop; suspend all the other cops present until the investigation is over; create a citizen police review board (which is long overdue); get rid of Orloff; and set up "healing centers," as restitution for a community agonized by Grant's killing. We know: the last one is particularly stupid. But that's what happens when you try to keep a big coalition together; sometimes the chaff gets to stay with the wheat.