Demnlus Johnson and Eduardo Martinez Win Richmond Council Seats


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Political newcomer Demnlus Johnson and incumbent Eduardo Martinez have won election to the Richmond City Council. According to a new update this afternoon from Contra Costa County elections officials, Johnson and Martinez have extended their leads over the other competitors in the race. Johnson has 12.02 percent of the vote and Martinez has 11.36 percent.

The race for the third available seat on the council is still too close to call. Former Councilmember Vinay Pimplé has 10.25 percent, followed by ex-Councilmember Nathaniel “Nat” Bates at 10.12 and newcomer Cesar Zepeda, also at 10.12 percent.

Incumbent Ada Recinos is next at 9.39 percent, followed by former Councilmember Jim Rogers at 8.82 percent/