Dellums Strikes Port Truckers’ Deal



Ron Dellums has not yet decided whether he plans to run for reelection this year, but he sure looks like a mayor determined to get things done. Over the weekend, Dellums struck a key deal that may save the jobs of up to 1,200 truckers at the Port of Oakland, according to the Trib. The pact with state officials and the trucking industry will allow the truckers to keep serving the port while they apply for $11 million in new grant money earmarked for truck retrofits.

Under state law and port rules scheduled to go into effect January 1, truckers with old rigs would have been banned from the port because their trucks emit too much pollution. The truckers had planned a protest today at Oakland City Hall, claiming that the new rules are unfair because they had previously applied for $22 million in public funds to retrofit their trucks or buy new ones, but were denied because the money ran out. Under the deal hammered out by Dellums, the truckers can keep serving the port while they reapply for the new $11 million in public funds. Elated truckers called off their planned protest and credited the mayor, saying without his involvement, they would have been out of work.