Dellums Still Won't Name City Boss


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You may have heard that after getting a tart letter from City Attorney John Russo, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums finally declared he was likely to name a permanent city administrator in December. Well, guess what? C'mon, go ahead, guess. Okay, we'll just tell you, since you'll never get it anyway. According to the Tribune, the mayor's backed off and won't even say when he'll name a city administrator. This marks the eleventh month since now-disgraced city administrator Deborah Edgerly informed Dellums of her plans to retire, and he still hasn't settled on a replacement, told the public or the City Council who the candidates might be, or even offered a timetable for when he'll come to a decision. Check out what he said at a press conference earlier this week: "I will let you know at the appropriate time." This guy knows we're paying him money, right? Does the city charter stipulate that the mayor's duties include strutting around like Little Lord Fauntleroy or something? Maybe he'd like us to reshoe his favorite horses and clean out his stables while he has tea and cucumber sandwiches on the veranda.