Dellums Reconsidering Paramount Nominee



Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums is reconsidering his nomination of Lorenzo Hoopes to the Paramount Theatre board of directors in the wake of complaints by gay-rights activists concerning Hoopes’ financial support of Prop. 8 last year, the Trib reports. Hoopes, 96, a longtime member of the Paramount board, was Oakland’s leading contributor to the anti-gay marriage initiative in 2009, donating $26,000.

Hoopes’ staunch opposition to same-sex marriage has prompted some Oakland gay- rights activists, including former council candidate Sean Sullivan and Planning Commissioner Michael Colbruno, to call for Dellums to withdraw the nomination. The Dellums administration told the Trib that it was unaware of Hoopes’ large financial contributions to Prop. 8 when the mayor renominated him, even though they were reported last year in the media. Dellums, who performed several same-sex marriages while they were legal last year, plans to make a final decision on whether to withdraw the Hoopes nomination tomorrow night.