Dellums Gets Off His Ass. Kinda.


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Sometimes you gotta love the Oakland Tribune's way with words. The first few grafs of this story, for example, gives you the impression that Ron Dellums has decided to announce a new city administrator, five months after Deborah Edgerly left. You gotta get to the fourth graf before you learn that Dellums is only doing this because City Attorney John Russo has written an open letter declaring that the mayor's failure to appoint someone is on the verge of breaking the city charter. And come to think of it, didn't Deborah Edgerly write a letter declaring she was leaving back in January? So that's, what, 11 months without a new city administrator? If you want to put your man Dan Lindheim in the office, Ron, just do it. Don't make us beg you to do your job. Scabby knees are so unsightly.