Dellums Finally Names Lindheim City Administrator



So Ron Dellums finally did it. He named his longtime friend and advisor Dan Lindheim city administrator, after a farcical seven months in which he pretended to look all over the country for Deborah Edgerly's replacement. Here's the best line in the Chron's story: "The mayor brushed aside any suggestion that his decision took too long, saying he took the time necessary to make the right choice." Seven months is the necessary time to decide you want your closest advisor, who had been doing the job on an interim basis already, to fill the position? At least this Potemkin process is finally over.

Dellums also picked Walter Cohen as head of Community and Economic Development, ex-budget director Marianna Marysheva-Martinez as a financial expert for Lindheim, and Dorlista Reed as his public safety coordinator. De la Fuente crony Carlos Plazola denounced the cronyism evident in picking Lindheim, which strikes us as awfully cute.