Deborah Edgerly Roundup



Well, it's D-Day plus one, and Oakland City Administrator Deborah Edgerly still has a job. The Trib reports that Edgerly even showed up for a regularly scheduled cabinet meeting with department heads and Mayor Ron Dellums; imagine the tension and silence in that room. In addition, the Trib claims that Edgerly has requested a meeting with Dellums and City Attorney John Russo, to "discuss issues surrounding her pending departure." As we wait for the axe to fall, let's have a looksee at what other opinionated East Bay types have to say about l'affaire Edgerly:

The Chron's Chip Johnson has blown a gasket over the scandal, demanding that officials investigate what appears to be a pervasive atmosphere of nepotism and petty graft at City Hall. Johnson claims that this is in fact the third time that Edgerly has abused her authority to protect her friends: once bullying cops into dropping charges against the son of Assistant City Administrator Cheryl Thompson; and once to save the job of a civilian Police Department employee, who was fired for helping a friend apply for a city job under a false name. Then, of course, there were the allegations that City Councilwoman Desley Brooks pocketed cash from her own budget and laundering the money through an aide. Edgerly, who regards Brooks as a close ally, did nothing to investigate the claims. Johnson concludes that Attorney General Jerry Brown should investigate Oakland immediately. "The dysfunction and corruption in City Hall has spread beyond local government's ability to address it,"

On the other hand, local blogger and former Montclarion columnist Zennie Abraham is backing Edgerly all the way. He thinks this is probably just a terrible misunderstanding, and local pols are throwing her under a bus without a proper look into what really happened. "I don't believe for a moment she tried to block a police investigation. I also don't believe there was a police investigation she knew she was getting involved with. I think -- knowing her -- is that she asked a cop what happened and that police officer took offense to her involvement regarding a towed car."

In fact, Abraham regards Edgerly's attempt to bully cops into releasing her nephew as on par with any time a City Councilmember calls city staff and harangues them to deal with that pothole in their district.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Jack London News are only too happy to see Edgerly go. They regard her as the worst kind of bureaucrat, nickel-and-diming iocal merchants with every fee you could think of and sucking up to her bosses. When the Mingles cabaret license was jeopardized by violence, they suggest, Edgerly helped stoke racial animus at the hearing: "I was threatened by someone on my way out and it was not comfortable. Ms. Edgerly appeared in support of Mingles as an African-American establishment. She refused to shut down the club, even though OPD could not handle the issues surrounding the club, nor would club owners abide by the terms set by the City. Instead, they were given yet another chance. It would take the death of a pregnant club goer to finally end the Mingles drama."

Finally, FutureOakland is staying as neutral as he can, just handing out the facts when he finds them. As is East Bay Conservative, although he comes off as something of a drama queen. "I am going to limit my comments out of fear of retaliation," he says. "I live in Oakland, and it's important I ensure no harm comes to me or my family." Do you really think the Acorn gang will hunt down your second cousin?