Deborah Edgerly Packs It In — Eventually



After more than a year of rumors about her imminent demise under Ron Dellums, Oakland City Administrator Deborah Edgerly finally looks ready to walk out the door. But the story, as reported in the Oakland Tribune, is maddeningly coy. Apparently, Edgerly will either quit on July 31 or December 31; she won't say which one. For someone who was put in Oakland's most important administrative position as a place-holder after Jerry Brown fired the estimable Robert Bobb — someone who allegedly used her position to twice pressure the police department to lower its standards after her daughter washed out of the academy — this is just the latest annoyance. But hey, that's Mayor Dellums for ya. As former Express staff writer Will Harper wrote more than a year ago, Dellums was expected to spend at least a year thinking about getting rid of Edgerly before anything happens. City Council gadfly Sanjiv Handa told Harper, "If [Dellums] waits eighteen months to make the changes, he's already got one foot in the grave." Looks like he's right on schedule.