Dear Snowboarders: Maybe Shut Up About Where You Toke Up?


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The legalization of marijuana has brought to the foreground an interesting juxtaposition: Ski resorts are happy to get you blasted on no-limit, $12 bloody marys at the mid-mountain lodge, but if you smoke a bowl in the trees — well, that’s against federal law and you're a criminal.

The double standard just claimed a beloved smoke shack up in Breckenridge, Colorado, after a laughably naive Inside Edition video outed the secret spot.

The Denver Post reports Thursday that Breckenridge’s legendary Leo’s Smoke Shack is now a pile of timber, just a week after Inside Edition outed it with — get this — hidden cameras and gotcha reporting. What is this, To Catch A Predator?

Some of Colorado's ski resorts are now moving to destroy any backwoods shelters they find.

Denver Post's Ricardo Baca sums it up nicely: "The safety concerns of riding and skiing high are legitimate with the newly legal pot sales, but this gotcha report comes off as a parody of journalism instead of a thoughtful exploration of how the slopes have changed since Jan. 1, 2014."