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To Donald Trump, From Bay Area Women: Essays For The 45th U.S. President

In concert with this weekend's Women's Marches, the Express and KALW present a special collection of letters and radio essays.



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'Don't Be A Jerk'

Nicole Savickas, 38


I do my best to teach my children the following in every word I say to them, and in every action I make:

Be kind.


Demonstrate your care for others by listening and acting thoughtfully.

Stand up for yourself and others when they are wronged.

Sounds fancy. But all of it can probably be summed up in what comes out in a pinch, like when they're both strapped into the back of the car kicking each other while I struggle through rainy day rush hour traffic:

Please, don't be a jerk.

As you enter the White House as the 45th president of the United States, I would give you the same advice.

I'm not trying to be glib, and I hope you receive my message with all the good will I intend it. There are a lot of people who are counting on you to impact their lives in a positive way. That is why you were elected. I might not agree with their decision, but I can understand their motivation. There are people in our country who are in pain, and they have elected you to help them.

But above all, Mr. Trump — and do your best, we're all guilty of it at different times, but you will be held to a higher standard than most. Mr. Trump, as our president, please don't be a jerk.

'400 Years From Now'

Flavia Franco, 60

Redwood City

I care very deeply about people, the planet, and this country. I and my siblings are the children of immigrants who came here legally. We are all taxpayers, college-educated, and contributing members to our communities.

I am very concerned about the increasing struggles with poverty, unaffordable education, and environmental damage. At the same time, I see our taxpayer dollars are being poured into that giant sinkhole known as the military.

I want a strong society with good, affordable education, decent jobs, and an opportunity for a purposeful life. I want women to be respected enough to govern their own bodies. I want a society that knows its finite natural resources have to be conserved for future generations. I want a society that uses restorative justice for people who make mistakes, not making a profit from them.

I want our generation to start acting like we care about the children that will be here 400 years from now.

Staffers at KALW's Crosscurrents contributed to this special project: engagement manager Olivia Henry, managing editor Jen Chien, managing producer Julie Caine, and sound engineer James Rowlands. Listen at 91.7 FM and learn more at


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