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To Donald Trump, From Bay Area Women: Essays For The 45th U.S. President

In concert with this weekend's Women's Marches, the Express and KALW present a special collection of letters and radio essays.



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'Please Listen'

Judy Brown, 76


This woman is 76, white, and, to quote a president I greatly admire, "coastal, liberal, latte-sipping, and politically correct." I wish you and your advisers well as you assume governance of our country and a most powerful position in the world. I hope you prove me wrong. Please listen well, and thoughtfully, to those who find your messages and policies and behaviors intolerable. You too could be wrong about many complex situations. There is much at stake for those who believe you and for those who do not.

'Golden Hours'

Felicity Blau


I am a registered nurse living in Berkeley. I attended Laney College in Oakland, where I obtained an LVN license, followed by an RN license from Merritt College. My first job was in 1984 at Highland Hospital, in the emergency room. This was before it was officially designated as a trauma center, when the concept of "the golden hour" was being studied heavily by emergency-room physicians. The golden hour refers to the period of time after someone is exposed to an insult, e.g. a shooting or stabbing, and the idea that the hour following the insult is the time when if the proper interventions are initiated, lives can be saved.

As I listen to KPFA, KALW, and NPR every day, I have the opportunity to listen to many very articulate and intelligent people concerned about our future, not only as a country, but as a planet. As a nurse, I know that if Planned Parenthood is de-funded, many women will die. If Obamacare is repealed without replacement, many people will die. Mr. Trump and his entourage are not affected personally in any way by what happens to the millions of people who will be hurt by the laws that they are threatening to pass once in office. Mr. Trump has revealed himself to be, as least to me, a man of simple intentions. He wants to accumulate wealth and continue to build his empire, any way he can, regardless of the millions of people whose lives will be affected in a negative way, both directly and indirectly.

It is as if our lives hang in the balance, at the mercy of men with nicknames such as "Mad Dog," who are still stuck in a time when they were little boys, playing complicated games of Battleship. Only now they have control over our lives, with their fingers poised over buttons that could wipe out the entire planet, if they so desired. We will need many golden hours ahead of us.

Student Ella Holton-McCoy to Trump: “I hope you have opened your eyes, and your heart, to the issues that I face as a woman.” - PHOTO BY GEORGE BAKER
  • Photo By George Baker
  • Student Ella Holton-McCoy to Trump: “I hope you have opened your eyes, and your heart, to the issues that I face as a woman.”

'I Am A Student'

Ella Holton-McCoy, 19


I am a student at San Diego State University. I am writing you to express my concerns about many comments and decisions that you have made during this election campaign. I firstly want you to understand that I am not attacking you, sir. I simply wish to explain to you my perspective, as a young woman and aspiring teacher, in an attempt to gain your empathy regarding harassment and understanding public education.

I grew up playing basketball and I never once was mistreated in the ways that you mistreat women. I am referring to your "locker room talk." Every boy I ever played basketball with or against was respectful, and most certainly did not discuss women in the way that you do.

You are now the leader of this great country, which means you need to understand that you are an icon and people are looking to you to make a difference and lead the country, not to tear it apart. When you say things like "grab them by the pussy," and countless other remarks about hurting, sexualizing, and dominating women, you are setting a very scary and disgusting example for young men.

I hope that I have opened your eyes, and your heart, to the issues that I face as a woman and as an aspiring teacher. You, sir, are the next president of the United States of America. You can set an example, contribute to making America great, and do the right thing.'

Listen to Ella Holton-McCoy's radio essay at or click here.

'Care, Unify, Peace, Secure'

Anna-Marie Booth

San Francisco

As you assume the presidency of the United States of America, you take on the grave responsibility for many urgent and complex issues. So, I humbly offer an acronym to help guide your focus: CUPS.

Care for our planet.

Unify Americans.

Promote peace In the USA and world.

Secure equal rights, quality education, and economic growth for all.

Please know that I (a long-time Democrat, Obama fan, Hillary voter, homeowner, law school graduate, senior citizen, African American, female, parent) support you in the goal to make America greater while upholding our United States Constitutional rights.

Let us all raise our CUPS to a future with care, unity, peace, and security of our U.S. Constitutional rights, democratic principles, and values. May God guide our elected leaders, and bless the United States of America and our world community!

'America Would Be Great Again ...'


I am a 16-year-old girl living in California. To be honest, I do not support you or your running for president. You say the most outrageous, insensitive, and highly inappropriate things, like when you said, "Grab them by the pussy." Did you even bother to apologize? Just because you are a wealthy, white, successful man does not give you the right to feel entitled and superior. I honestly do not know how people are ignorant and stupid enough to vote for you. Overall, I hope you don't shame or disgrace America further. I feel my safety is at risk with you in charge. America would be "great again" if you were out of the picture.


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