Dear Abby — On Weed


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Popular mainstream advice column Dear Abby was founded in 1956, and, over the years, has represented a sort of moral compass for the country. And if the moral compass can tolerate adult pot use, who knows what’s next.

Last week, Dear Abby took a pot question and gave a pretty satisfactory response.

“Colorado Mom” asked Abby how she could talk to her son about marijuana, given that instructors at her son’s school taught her son that “pot is poison”.

“My state has recently legalized marijuana and I am at a loss about how to explain to him that pot is no longer "that bad," as people partake of it in a responsible manner going forward. Any suggestions?”

“Marijuana isn’t poison, “ Abby responded, “unless it was sprayed with a poisonous chemical before being harvested.”

Bravo, Abby, nice opening line.

The columnist goes on to note that pot can be cultivated safely, teenage use is not allowed, and like alcohol, pot can slow reaction time, impair judgement, and memory.

“Whether it will become legal across the nation is still an open question.”

(Interestingly, the advertisement served next to the Dear Abby post on — a vaporizer company.)