De la Fuente: Can We All Just Get Along?


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A few days after somone vandalized the office of his opponent Mario Juarez, and a month after someone tossed a brick through the window of his own campaign office, Oakland City Council President Ignacio De la Fuente wrote a open letter asking everyone in the race to please calm down and restore civility. The Oakland Tribune reports that Juarez hooted with derision when told about the letter, adding that De la Fuente's supporters have been spreading personal attacks about him. One of the main attack points concerns a lawsuit brought by the city against Juarez, who then ran a company that did business with Oakland. When Juarez claimed that the motives behind the city's lawsuit were political, City Attorney John Russo told the Trib, "I can't see the future. I can't see that a contractor who was trying to defraud the city might be running for office someday." My man John, always good for a quote.