Daytime Burglars Target North Berkeley



A rash of recent daytime home burglaries and attempted burglaries in North Berkeley should prompt residents of that area to exercise extra caution and keep even upstairs doors and windows locked while away from home, according to the Berkeley Police. Three of these burglaries took place on Thursday.

"Since the 28th of May, we have had twelve reported daytime burglaries" within a relatively small area, reports Officer Casimiro Pierantoni, Area 1 coordinator of the BPD's Community Services Bureau. Officer Pierantoni has provided a list of these crimes and the methods by which the burglars entered the premises.

May 28: 00 Block of San Luis Rd. (near Chester Lane), via window pry

June 1: 400 Block of The Arlington (near Boynton Ave.), via unlocked
rear door

June 1: 1900 Block of Napa Ave. (near The Alameda), via unlocked second-story door

June 1: 1700 Block of Sonoma Ave. (near Tulare Ave.), attempted entry via basement-door kick

June 3: 600 Block of The Arlington (near San Antonio Ave.), via open rear door

June 3: 700 Block of the Arlington (near Thousand Oaks Blvd.), via unknown means

June 4: 500 Block of Cragmont Ave. (near Alta Rd.), via window cheat

June 5: 900 Block of Mendocino Ave. (near The Arlington), via unlocked door

June 6: 1500 Block of Arch St. (near Vine St.), attempted entry via screen removal

June 10: 500 Block of Boynton Ave. (near The Arlington), via open window

June 10: 1200 Block of Glen Ave. (near Eunice St.), via open second-floor window

June 10: 1400 Block of Santa Fe Ave. (near Camelia St.), via crawlspace door

"Burglars are active during the daytime hours because many residents are either at work or away from home running errands. Many daytime burglars will act as if they are door-to-door solicitors in an attempt to determine which homes are currently unoccupied. Burglars will always be drawn to homes with unlocked or open doors and windows," Officer Pierantoni explains.

"Your patrol officers are constantly on the lookout for suspicious individuals, but a majority of our in-progress residential burglary arrests originate with a call from an alert community member. Do not hesitate to call the police if you witness any suspicious behavior. If you witness a burglary in progress ... you can
call 9-1-1 from your home phone and be connected directly to the Berkeley Police, but if you call 9-1-1 from your cell phone you will be connected to the California Highway Patrol. Dialing 9-1-1 from your cell phone is appropriate if you have an emergency on Highway 80, but it¹s not the most direct way to reach the Berkeley Police if you have an emergency in our city. The Berkeley Police Department has established a phone number to report emergencies in Berkeley from your cell phone; that number is 510-981-5911."