Apologies for being really, really late on this, but we think this video of Davey D gettin' all disappointed with Ron Dellums over the Oscar Grant issue is worth seeing. First, while many of Davey D's criticisms are unfair, it shows how Dellums has failed to connect with one of his most natural constituencies: alienated black youth that once saw him as a leader. Second, Davey D's got one important point. Ron Dellums' insularity and secrecy have left such a leadership vacuum in the city that even Rudy Giuliani, who held a presser after the shooting of Amadou Diallo, looks better in comparison. Hey Ron, if you won't talk to the press, at least talk to the black underclass that look to you for ... something, we don't remember what it is anymore. When you can't even get Davey D by your side, you know you're in trouble.