Datsik Brings SF Some DeadMeat



If you listen to dubstep, you've undoubtedly heard the bass infected sounds of Datsik. Yesterday, he hit the road with Steve Aoki on Dim Mak's DEADMEAT North American tour, powered by SOL Republic headphones. They'll be making nearly fifty stops across the U.S., as well as Datsik's home country of Canada, in less than two months (I guess catching up on his sleep wasn't part of his New Year's resolutions).

Speaking of New Year's Eve, I had the pleasure of catching the Datsik bug again on the second (and best) day of South Lake Tahoe's inaugural SnowGlobe music festival. Here's a track he put together with the headliner of December 30th, Bassnectar:

Don't get me wrong, I've been listening to Datsik since I first started appreciating the new sound of dubstep mid 2009, but I have to admit I haven't been paying much attention to him since late 2010. My ears literally got tired of the near-blood-spewing sounds of Rottun Recordings' artists at the time. That is why I am so excited to share this with you - one of Datsik's latest releases, with the collab from Subvert, on none other than Rottun Recordings. Drumstep tempo combined with that contagious bass line and unmistakable Datsik sound make this track a virulent must listen. PLEASE DROP THIS ON YOUR SATURDAY STOP IN SAN FRANCISCO!

Careful with that bassface, I heard if you don't stop, your face will get stuck like that. - Ben Grambergu

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