Dating Got You Down? Oakland Punk Band Spray Tan's "Soloslut" Is Your New Self-Love Anthem


Oakland punk three-piece Spray Tan labels itself "genderqueer shameless slutrock," and its music is a bold, in-your-face celebration of self-expression that's not limited by the binary of male vs. female. Embracing bright lipstick, mesh, leopard print and other hallmarks of queer kitsch, these glam rockers recently revealed their music video for the single "Soloslut," the title track of their last album.

What is a solo slut, you ask? "'Soloslut' is all about self-care and self-love and feeling so over other humans that the only real option is masturbation," said bassist Dorsey Bass in an email. "Plus, we all think it's really important for us freaks and queers to know and think and talk about how hot we are."

Check out the "Soloslut" music video below and catch Spray Tan live at One Fam (1606 7th St., Oakland) on July 15 at 8 p.m. with Tyler Holmes (of the storied, local queer electroclash band Daddie$ Pla$tik) and Trap Girl.