Daily RoundUp: Weeds Star Mary-Louise Parker Obeys 'Don't Get High On Own Supply' Rule



1. Lost in the Labor Day break: Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker tells Vanity Fair she never smoked the plant. "I guess if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened when I was younger. But that was never an effective or interesting form of rebellion for me. Because everybody did it. Marijuana was just a social thing. It wasn’t dangerous or frowned upon. If I’d been popular in high school, I’m sure I would have wanted to do it. But I wasn’t." ... Vanity Fair: You should do a P.S.A. You’ve almost convinced me that pot is boring. Parker: Yeah, probably. But I’m not saying pot is a bad thing. I know plenty of people who should be smoking pot. I’m just not one of those people. I don’t think it would be the best drug for me. What am I going to do, start doing drugs at my age? It’s a little late. I’m a mother of two. It’s probably not the best idea for me to start getting into it now." More headlines after the jump.

2. Congressman Barney Frank tries to convince Jay Leno it's time to legalize pot. Leno disagrees and seems to think America somehow couldn't make money exporting it. Get Mark Haskell Smith on the phone.

3. Oakland Tribune profiles Wegrow owner Dhar Mann, featured in this week's column 'Go East, Man'.

4. The New York Times reiterates cannabis' effectiveness in treating pain, based on data from a new Canadian study.

5. Oakland medical marijuana growers 'worry about threat from superstores', and reminds us the Oakland City Council is set to approve large-scale growing permits this month.